Compressor One
Posted: March 23rd, 2007

When working on the CheckerBot I needed to come up with a way of picking up the checkers. My solution was a pneumatic claw. Below is the original compressor that I used on the CheckerBot. I originally tried using two of the small pumps. It worked fine as a compressor but it didn’t not move enough are and there was not enough torque once there was high air pressure. If I would rebuild this one I would change two things. I would have a lower gear ratio, this one has a 3:1. And I would have the clutch turning with the pumps not the motor. Below are some pics of it.

The Compressor and the battery brick. This also a good picture of the control valve. The open direction is determined by the direction of the motor.

Looking down at the compressor.

Back of compressor

Side view


Gears around the pumps.

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